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As expected of a proud New Orleans native, Ursula Theresa Rochon found a calling to the arts at a young age and nurtured that beckoning through years of training, discipline, and experience. She studied fine art under the tutelage of Valerie Gourrier, Ron Bechet, John Scott though Xavier Preparatory Academy, Xavier University, and Tulane University and eventually crafted a style all her own. 

As a full-time working mother of two, she developed an acute taste of creativity through adversity and painted her expressions amidst the backdrop of her city's profound culture. After years of witnessing some of New Orleans' most artistic minds fall victim to lack of a creative outlet, she eventually left her success as a luxury retail business manager to pursue the desire to aid those less fortunate. This transformation delivered New Orleans' first free art therapy space for at-risk youth, The Color Gallery. The Color Gallery operates as a free space for young children desiring to excel. As the Chief Executive Officer & Director, Ursula teaches, mentors, and transforms each of her students into confident artistic scholars and offers her acquired guidance to every child in need of a voice through her brush and canvas. For more information about The Color Gallery, Inc. please click the button below. 

Rochon Ink​ by Ursula Rochon

"Making Groceries" - Makin' Groceries is a New Orleans term that, simply put, means going to the grocery store to buy or purchase groceries. Ask any stranger what they think of when you mention "New Orleans" and more often than not "the food" is the first thing that they rave about. Making Groceries is just the beginning of the journey though... to really experience the food means experiencing the meaning behind the food. Many of these recipes were shared during family get-together's and special events where everyone brings their best dish. As you browse through the pictures and short stories you fall in love with food, family, and friends. This is not your "generic" variety cookbook...this is a legacy of love, and cultural expression, passed down through generations, that choose to defy the limits of recipes or ethnicity.

"I learned how to cook from my grandmother. Everything she taught me was in the kitchen and in the moment. No recipes, no ingredient amounts just "watch and learn." Six years ago I called my grandmother and asked her how to cook crawfush bisque and she told me she never cooked that before. My grandmother has Alzheimers. It was then that I decided to write this book. It took me six years to gather all her recipes, with the help of family members. Then I had to cook every single dish to figure out proper ingredient amounts. I can tell you that this is not your average cookbook. I am just thrilled that this project is finished and she is still alive to see it through..." - Ursula Rochon